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Downloadable Booklets - Formatted for Printing and Binding

This page provides detailed information about several health problems in the form of detailed booklets.  Each booklet contains information on a specific health problem as well as what causes it and some techniques to remedy it using natural techniques.

Each booklet is in standard PDF format and can be printed at your leisure. The booklet you purchase will be emailed to you within 24 hours after you click the "Add to Cart" Button and order it.

Booklet Title



Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction



More Info. 

If you know what is causing your ED, you can try to reverse it intelligently. It beats randomly trying fixes that often do nothing but waste your money. This booklet shows you how!


Please Note: We will be adding more interesting booklets to this page as they become available. Some will be at low-cost, many will be free. If you want a specific problem addressed here, feel free to send me a request at DrJim@HealthNaturallyToday.com