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Purchase "Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life"

You can purchase my book directly from this site or directly from a link to Amazon.com in the Books section of this website. You can also purchase it through other on-line sites.  Click here to read reviews of my book on the Medical Books Center of echocardiology.org. 

If you purchase it directly from me on this site you can request a signed copy. If you want it signed, please add the book to your shopping cart and then use the contact us button on the left to send me an email request to sign it. I'll be happy to oblige.  You will receive a confirmation of the email and your order within 24 hrs.

Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life  by James Occhiogrosso, N.D. 
Hardcover - $24.95

The complete guide to the causes and natural solutions for prostate problems. Nearly 500 references to studies on herbs, vitamins and minerals.  A must read for any aging male.

       Table of Contents                       Sample Page

Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.  Shipping to Canada is $8.00.

For other international shipping - See note below. Please click appropriate button.


International Orders:  International Shipping for a book alone is $16.00 U.S.  If you are buying other items (like supplements) along with the book, use the "Domestic U.S."  button above and you will not be charged shipping for the book.  We will not honor book orders  outside the continental U.S. without shipping charges unless they accompany a supplement order.