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Basic Prostate Info. - Prostate Infections (Prostatitis)

Prostatitis is a condition where the prostate becomes infected and inflamed.

Acute prostatitis is relatively rare but may be accompanied by severe pain, particularly in the area of the back and groin, inability to urinate, blood or pus in the urine, and a high fever. It is usually treated with antibiotics and/or other medications.

Chronic prostatitis is a more common, low-level infection of the prostate that may present few symptoms and can linger for years.

There is no known cause for either condition, nor is it known whether they lead to more serious prostate disorders. There are some natural treatments that use herbal agents, but generally these conditions are hard to treat by either conventional or alternative means. Colloidal Silver, a natural  antibiotic, along with Swedish Flower Pollen has been used by natural practitioners with some  success. 

Neither condition is proven to be related to more serious problems but both may be helped by nutrients and lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier prostate.

Prostatitis, especially the acute form, can cause a significant elevation of PSA levels. Since a sudden jump in PSA may also signal the presence of prostate cancer, an immediate biopsy is sometimes recommended. In my opinion, to avoid a biopsy that might be unnecessary, it is prudent to first rule out prostatitis.

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