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Books - Herbal References

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Little Herb Encyclopedia
(Paperback 1995) by Jack Ritchason, N.D.
  An extremely valuable reference to more than 300 popular herbs and herbal combinations organized by both alphabetical order (herb names) and by body action for herbal combinations.

Both casual and serious students of herbology will find this a timeless reference. Dr. Ritchason presents the information in an easy to find, easy to use, format with both eastern and western common uses.

The New Healing Herbs
(Rev. Ed. Paperback 2002) by Michael Castleman
  This is a great book filled with useful information for a beginner with little knowledge of herbs or an expert looking for additional opinions. 

The first 79 pages presents an overview on using herbs safely and effectively, and the balance of this nearly 700 page book is a reference to 100 of the best healing herbs, with their actions, usage, safety considerations, and doses. 

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