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Books - Natural Medicine

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How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine (Paperback 2003) by Dr. Michael Murray
  Many books have been published on treating cancer naturally but this one is a gem. Written by four naturopathic doctors, part I discusses how to prevent cancer with diet, lifestyle, nutrition, and natural medicine.

Part II goes through the practical aspects of treating cancer with natural medicine, and part III covers using natural medicine to cope with the side effects of conventional treatments.  

The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing
(Paperback 1998, 2001) by Gary Null, Ph.D.
  This book is a well organized, easy-to-read compilation of natural treatments for various conditions, with discussions of causes, symptoms, and cures.

This book is clearly in line with naturopathic healing techniques, but Null does not present any supporting evidence, like scientific studies, to  support his observations. Still this is an excellent reference for natural healing.

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Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, 2nd Ed.
(Paperback 1998) by Michael Murray & Joseph Pizzorno
  This book, by two naturopathic doctors is a definitive work on natural medicine.

Parts I and II discuss ways to improve your health by improving your lifestyle, attitude and nutrition and enhancing the key body systems that promote health. 

The largest part of the book, part III,  lists specific health problems and natural solutions for them with scientific studies and a useful "treatment summary" at the end of each condition. 

The Green Pharmacy
(Paperback 1998) by James A. Duke, Ph.D.
  This book, like the ones above, lists many health conditions that can be helped using various herbal remedies.

James Duke is a well-known expert in this field and his recommendations are usually cautious and safe but in some instances, are, in my opinion,  overzealous.

However, the book is loaded with good information and is an easy read.

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