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Links - Erectile Dysfunction

Note: There are many websites that deal with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, search engines typically return mostly those selling ED drugs or herbal ED remedies along with sites promoting pornography.  The sites listed below are reputable and discuss ED and other sexual problems responsibly.

Regarding anorgasmia, the inability to have an orgasm, many websites still promote the idea it is strictly a psychological condition and ignore the physical aspects of it, particularly those encountered by aging men.  See my book Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life for more in-depth information.

FrankTalk -  The support project of the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation, Inc (EDF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is: “To educate men about erectile dysfunction and help them find treatment or cure through education, support, advocacy, and research.” This site has "no-holds barred", peer-to-peer forum discussions of men's sexual issues.

Wikipedia, Erectile Dysfunction - information from Wikipedia, the multilingual, web-based, free content encyclopedia.

Medline Plus, Erectile Dysfunction - Information on ED from Medline and the National Library of Medicine.

WebMd, Erectile Dysfunction - The WebMD ED home page

The Urology Channel, Erectile Dysfunction - a medical information website of Healthcommunities.com, Inc.

Wikipedia, Anorgasmia - Inability or delayed ability to have an orgasm from Wikipedia, the multilingual, web-based, free content encyclopedia.

About Anorgasmia - From the About.com site of the New York Times Company.

KwikMed - A company granted regulatory approval to prescribe FDA-approved and domestically manufactured medications online.