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News - Cancer, General

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Cancer is a Systemic Disease
By James Occhiogrosso, N.D., Feb. 8, 2009 

Many people believe that once a cancer is surgically removed, one is cancer-free. This is rarely the case. Many tumors may be growing in multiple locations in the body undetected. Cancer is a systemic disease, and the most effective way to treat it is to address both the overall health of the body as well as any local tumor.

Cancer Spreads Through Body Long Before Tumor Develops
Natural News, Feb. 03, 2009, by David Gutierrez

Seemingly healthy cells may spread to distant parts of the body long before any cancerous tumors are visible, researchers have discovered. This suggests that the virulence of a specific case of cancer might actually be determined early in the disease, perhaps even before diagnosis.

Biological Research in the Evolution of Cancer Surgery: A Personal Perspective
Cancer Research, Dec. 15, 2008, by Bernard Fisher

For many years, malignant tumors were removed by surgery with the belief that cancer was a local condition.  The bloodstream was considered to be of little significance to the spread of tumor cells before or during surgery.  More and more clinical trials support the thesis that cancer is a systemic disease.  

John's Hopkins Cancer Statement
John's Hopkins Institute, June 13, 2008

After many years of telling people that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the only ways to try and eliminate cancer, Johnís Hopkins is finally starting to recognize there are alternatives.


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