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Health Supplements - Directory List

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We are currently adding many new products to our website. New items posted within the last couple weeks are indicated with....... * NEW *.

Items missing an underlined link are in stock and available via direct phone order now. We will add them to the website shortly.  To order now, call 239-652-0421 with your credit card. Same day shipping.

Amino Acids

Antioxidants (Misc.)

L-Arginine Capsules

Alpha Lipoic Acid Capsules

L-Arginine Powder

Beta-Carotene Capsules

L-Citrulline Powder

Green Tea Extract Capsules

L-5HTP Capsules         * NEW *

Quercetin Capsules

L-Carnitine Liquid            * NEW *

Resveratrol Capsules


Turmeric Capsules

Body Systems (Liquid Extracts)

Body Systems (Tablets/Capsules)

Hawthorne Smart - 8 oz. (Heart) Adrenal Support Capsules
Herbal Minerals - 8 oz. (Thyroid/Adrenal) Glucose Support Capsules
Iodine Combination - 8 oz. (Thyroid) Hawthorn (Heart Support) Capsules
Male Plus - 8 oz (American) (Urinary)   Liver Support, 60 Capsules
Male Plus - 2 oz. (Amazon) (Urinary) Thyroid Support Capsules
Pau Dí Arco Plus - 8 oz. (Anti-Fungal) Vision Support  Tablets
Colloidal Silver - 8 oz. (Anti-Bacterial) Hair, Skin and Nails Capsules

Cholesterol/Blood Pressure Support

General Health/Vitamins

Red Yeast Rice Capsules Life Essentials Multivitamin/Mineral Tabs 
CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Capsules B-Complex 100 Tablets
Fish Oil - SoftGels B-12 Lozenges
Grape Seed Extract Capsules   Vitamin C-500 Tablets
Choledrene Capsules Vitamin D3 - SoftGels
Garlic Extract Capsules Vitamin E - With Tocotrienols - SoftGels
Niacin (Vitamin B3) Capsules Vitamin E - Tocopherols Only - SoftGels
Beta-SitoSterol Tablets Vitamin K2

Hormone Skin Creams

Hormone Tests (Saliva) *

Testosterone for Men, 4 oz. jar Basic Male Hormone Panel
Natural DHEA cream, 4 oz. jar Pre-Menopausal Female Panel
Natural Progesterone, 2 or 4 oz. jar Peri-Menopausal Female Panel
Testosterone for Women, 4 oz. jar Post Menopausal Female Panel
Natural Estrogen, 2 oz. jar Adrenal Stress Panel (men or women)

* Note: Only the most common saliva hormone panels are shown. We have many different panels as well as individual hormone test kits.  All tests are done in the comfort and privacy of your home and are saliva based.  If you are unsure which test to order, I'll be happy to help you via phone or email.  Call 239-652-0421 or email DrJim@HealthNaturallyToday.com

Immune System Support


Astragalus Liquid, 8 oz bottle Calcium/Magnesium Citrate Tablets
Astragalus Powder, 1 lb Chromium Picolinate Capsules
Colloidal Silver 8 oz. Bottle Magnesium Citrate
Echinacea & Goldenseal, 2 oz liquid Potassium
Grape Seed Extract Capsules   Selenium Tablets
Immune Support Capsules Zinc Tablets
Pau Dí Arco Plus - 8 oz. Bottle
Pau Dí Arco Plus - Capsules  

Pain Relief

Prostate Support

CBD Lotion 1.33 oz Jar  * NEW * Beta-SitoSterol Tablets
Colloidal Gold 8 oz Bottle * NEW * DHEA Tablets
Glucosamine/Chondrotin Tablets Estrogenex
Ibuprofen Gel, 4 oz jar Gingko Biloba Capsules
Ketoprofen Gel, 4 oz jar Male Plus, 8 oz Bottle (American)
Lidocaine Cream, 4 oz jar Modified Citrus Pectin    * NEW *
MSM/Glucosamine Cream, 4 oz jar Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test
MSM Lotion, 8 oz squeeze bottle Prost-P10x Prostate Support * NEW *
MSM Tablets Saw Palmetto/Pygeum Plus Complex
  Swedish Flower Pollen

Sexual Enhancement

Sleep Aids

Catuaba, 2 oz Bottle (Amazon) Healthy Sleep Support Capsules
Horny Goat Weed Melatonin Tablets
Korean Ginseng Sleep-Rx Capsules
Maca Powder, 1 lb Organic St. John's Wort Capsules
Male Plus, 2 oz Bottle (Amazon) Valerian Capsules
Male Response Tablets L-5HTP Capsules   * NEW *
Muira Pauma, 2 oz Bottle (Amazon)  
Stamina-Rx for Men  
Tribulus Tablets  
ViriloMax (Horny Goat Weed)* NEW *  
Yohimbe, 8 oz Bottle  

Special and Misc Items

Special Digestive Aids

Colloidal Gold 8 oz Bottle * NEW * Probiotic Capsules, 8 strain  * NEW *
Laboratory Blood Tests     * NEW * SuperZymes Capsules          * NEW *
L-Carnitine Liquid               * NEW * Ultra Greens Mix, 8.8 oz jar   * NEW *
Oregano Oil, 2 oz Bottle    * NEW *  
Oregano Oil, Capsules      * NEW *  
Stevia Liquid                       * NEW *  
Vacuum Erection Devices  * NEW *  
Virgin Coconut Oil, 8 oz. jar  * NEW *  
Downloadable Booklets  * NEW *