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Due to pressure exerted on PayPal by the FDA, our PayPal shopping cart cannot be used for items that contain Yohimbe.  Some studies have found Yohimbe may raise blood pressure in susceptible individuals, other studies disagree. However, almost all of the studies agree that Yohimbe works well as a sexual stimulant.  Yohimbine (a derivative of Yohimbe) was the first FDA approved treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.  The products below contain Yohimbe.

The items below can be ordered directly.  To order one or more items, select the ones you want, fill in your shipping and credit card information. Your order will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. Shipping charge in U.S. is $8.00 

If you are an existing client and I have your address and CC info on file, simply  email or call me with your order.

Please select one or more items. For additional quantity, use comments below.
Yohimbe, Liquid Extract, 8 oz. bottle $57.50
Stamina-Rx for Men, Sexual Stimulant, 30 tablets $36.95
Stamina-Rx for Women, Sexual Stimulant, 30 tablets $36.95
Male Response, Sexual Stimulant, 30 tablets $25.18


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